In October 2010 the East Kanyamamba community, located within the Nyanza Province of Kenya, reached out to the EWB Sacramento Valley Professional Chapter asking for help with improving the well-being of the community. The community is comprised of approximately 1,600 people spread over 10 square miles and has been historically affected by a lack of clean water, decreasing staple crop yields during periodic drought, and very limited healthcare access. Additionally, the community has an unpredictable water supply, with local roads flooding during the rainy season and food crops depending on inconsistent rainy periods for irrigation. Through collaboration with the community members and their leaders, it was decided that developing and protecting access to clean water was a priority. The KEK Project Team worked with a local nonprofit, Grass Roots Organization to Educate and Eradicate Communicable Diseese (GROEECD) in order to best address community needs. An initial assessment trip was made by a dedicated group of KEK Project Team members in late 2010 and a plan was set in motion for improving the community’s access to clean water through the protection of wells and the construction of spring boxes.

Our Ongoing Efforts

The KEK Project Team is currently working on the design of several spring boxes that will be located strategically throughout the dispersed community to provide clean water access to the largest amount of people. On June 8, 2013, in preparation for the KEK and Shasasari Projects, the Project Team conducted a “Build A Springbox Practice/Demonstration” at a spring in Ione, California of Amador County. The demonstration was a success and a big step toward implementing the project.

The KEK Project Team returned to East Kanyamamba in September 2015 to build two full water distribution systems consisting of spring boxes, storage tanks, and distribution manifolds. This completed the first phase of the program designed to strategically disperse access to clean water throughout the community. Members of the implementation team will return to monitor the effectiveness of the two water systems established and to assess future phases of the program. Future phases could result in a groundwater well and additional spring source development. A monitoring and evaluation trip is planned for January 2019.

Get Involved by Joining the KEK Project Team

If you are interested in making a positive difference in the East Kanyamamba community please let us know by messaging us through our Contact Page or email us at

Opportunities exist for anyone who’s interested in EWB Sacramento Valley Professional Chapter to make contributions. To continue our success as an organization, we need a wide range of engineering and non-engineering skill-sets.